Welcome to the Monetary Freedom Handbook workbench!

Anyone seriously interested in the theory and practice of full monetary freedom (or freedom for the issue of bank notes or clearing house certificates, by quite free banks or other potential issuing centers, including freedom for the establishment of any kind of clearing house or clearing method, who also favors freedom in the choice of value standards, i.e., who is opposed to the issue monopoly and other wrongful powers of central banks), and who wants to contribute, in any way, towards an electronic handbook on this subject, e.g. by submitting materials, scanning it in, writing, discussing, criticizing, translating, editing, providing further contacts addresses or relevant links, please write, for the time being, to John Zube, until a more suitable contact address is found or agreed upon.

Such a handbook has been overdue for at least a century already. Any sufficiently liberating monetary reform or monetary revolution requires it.

“Society is Exchange!” (Frederic Bastiat).

Without full freedom in exchange we only get the continuance of various economic, social and political despotisms, with their wrongs, expropriations, series of economic crises, and corresponding impoverishments, large scale violence and bloodshed, even mass murders and wars.

For the time being, John Zube will forward all such “deposits”, possibly with his comments, to the webmaster of the “workbench” or “data base” for this enterprise.
Since everyone’s time and energy is limited and priorities differ, the numerous jobs involved in this handbook and in related jobs should be done in as much division of labor as possible, all linked through this handbook website.

Some might wish to concentrate e.g. on a bibliography, on abstracts or reviews, others on historical or present monetary freedom experiments, others might wish to scan in and comment upon relevant texts that are not yet digitized.

Recent news

The second wave of inflation Admin 02/05/2011 - 14:57

Currently we are seeing a world wide explosion of food price. Inflation hits the poor first. It makes these people furious. The price of food is increasing in 2011 faster than in 2008. We have already reached in a short time of 5 months 80% of peak of the wheat price index of 2008.

On the other hand the tolerance against higher inflation rates is decreasing in poor countries. Will inflation cause world wide revolts?

A local currency in the 20s ... John Zube 03/06/2011 - 21:27
... or 30s of the last century:
A Hamburg prostitute's complaint was the irregularity of her business. On payday she had plenty of customers but they "petered out" during the next days. So, to get a more regular business, she advertised and offered her services with a nice photo offer herself and her address, with the remark that she would redeem it, in kind, with her services. "Once good for Lilly" (or "Eva" or whatever her name was). With these photos she managed to pay some of her bills, e.g. for food and drinks, in pubs and other eateries and from there they were often gladly accepted, by other customers, in change, served as conversation pieces and led thus led to more and regular customers for herself.